Well differentiated clear cell adenocarcinoma of endometrium Stage 1 for my Mom

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Mom got her port-a-cath and had her first chemo today. She slept through most of the chemo being given as they loaded her up with anti-nausea drugs first plus 50 mg of Benadryl so she was zonked out for the most part, didn't even wake up when they did her blood pressure every 15 minutes. And now we wait.

Her nurse gave me the name of her cancer today, well differentiated clear cell adenocarcinoma of the endometrium stage 1. I know the "well differentiated" is better than poorly differentiated so that is good (as far as having cancer goes) and I understand the adenocarcinoma and stage 1 is a good thing but I'm stuck on the "clear cell". When I try researching online all I find are complex pathology sites. I'm interested to see if anyone here has been diagnosed with this and what exactly is the "clear cell" part.

After seeing what she is going thru and will continue to go thru for the next 6 months, I'm actually I think excited about having my hysterectomy as the nurse was telling me about risk factors for us daughters and such and it scared me.

I again cannot tell you how much this site means to me and Mom (she's sleeping again right now). Wealth of useful information for us to be armed with before she started her chemo today and had a lot of questions from here that we wrote down and got answers to.