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I got this figured out. After radiation tomorrow I will put on my bikini and have my sister wash my hair. They are taking weekly turns driving me to my appointments, bringing my groceries up, changing the litter boxes, etc. I got the first chemo pack off today and they checked my mouth. It's not thrush, but my tongue and throat were peeling. They me liquid Hydrocone and the Magic Mouthwash. Liz, you were close...it's swish and swallow. It at least numbs it for awhile to allow me to eat. Not that anything on my Allowed list is very appealing, but like I said, I didn't have any extra weight to lose, and I know I have to eat to keep my strength and immune system up. Anyways, it's nice to talk to others that are going thru this and have advice for me. I'm going into week 2 tomorrow. Have a good night, I'll talk to y'all tomorrow night. Melodie


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    Hi Melodie,

    What a nice picture. I know that it will feel good to get your hair washed. I remember having my chemo fanny pack unhooked, and it was such a feeling of relief and freedom. I had the mouth sores too, and had to take a prescription to get rid of them. I only had them on the 1st chemo cycle. They were the worst part of chemo for me. Have a good day tommorow. Lori
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    Hi Melodie!
    I hope the mouthwash will relieve your mouth problems. I had bad thrush during both rounds of chemo and it was awful! They gave me the magic mouthwash. I had problems eating, but mostly because my appetite just went away. I really had to force myself to eat. Be sure you are getting protein with every meal or snack and drinking plenty of fluids. I know you've heard this all before, but it's so important!

    What a nice pic of you and your family! Take care.
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    Hi Melodie - I know how good
    Hi Melodie - I love your family picture...what a cute little baby...I know how good it feels to have that kangaroo pouch removed...less of a burden so to speak...kind of lifts your spirits. It did mine. You sound like you are holding your own and doing well. I did not have mouth sores with my first chemo, do not know what the second one will be like. Have been using Biotene mouthwash and toothpaste though since before treatment just in case, it is for dry mouth and does not contain alcohol. I will have to keep in mind this magic mouthwash. One of the patients I befriended just came in for thrush. He has non-hodgkins lymphoma and was starting his second round of chemo as it returned. From what I'm reading in these threads it's like Guilda Radner used to say "If it ain't one thing, it's another" -- but we persevere and get through it. Hope that your week 2 is uneventful and you start to feel better. I'm in week 3 now. I think I have 6 weeks of this (33 rad treatments and 2 chemo). Be well, Marilyne
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    Brand new baby!! First
    Brand new baby!! First one??? Your hands must be full! This is hard enough to go through!! Hope you have a lot of support, which it sounds like you do :)
    Wishing all the best!!!!
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    washing hair
    I had a port instead of a picc line. So, the only 2 weeks I had problems washing my hair were the weeks with the chemo fanny pack. I never could figure out how to navigate a shower during those weeks. Instead I decided to divide and conquer. I would climb in the bathtub and take care of my lower body and use a wash cloth for the ol' armpits. Then, for my hair I would go to the kitchen sink. I was able to get my head under the faucet to wet and rinse my hair. Also used a big plastic cup to pore water where the faucet couldn't reach. You definitely feel like a contortionist!

    Some other people suggested using one of those "dry shampoos" but I never did, so I can't say how well they work...

    Best wishes,