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Hi all, my brother had primary tumor in max sinus removed, followed by radiation, then not long after developed lump near salivary gland, had second sugergy to remove, tumor was malignant with SCC along with 3 lymph nodes and one on the opposite side. Now, they want him to start chemo (his second surgery was three weeks ago), with Cisplatin and Docetaxel next week. Then he will undergo radiation again with a lower dose of chemo once a week. I was wondering if anyone here has had this type of cancer progression or any experience with this chemo combination. They have told my brother that his cancer has 'acted' atypical. Any info provided would be appreciated. My brother, Doug, is not ready to post here himself at this time.


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    Similar but Different
    Hi Sis...

    I had tonsil cancer, and had similar chemo cocktails of Cisplaten, Taxotere, and 5FU (nine weeks, three week cycles). During the rads, I had a lower weekly dose of a type of Cisplaten called Carboplaten.

    Effects, reactions and recovery a search here, or just look at past postings and you'll find a lot of discussions on Cisplaten especially.

    BTW, glad you found your way here, sorry about the circumstances that led to it though.

    Good Luck, God Bless