dad is finally improving

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Well, we have been home for nearly four weeks and he is finally improving. It's amazing how he did so wonderful while we were in Texas getting treatment, and it hit him a few days after he finished! The fever is gone, his dizziness is MUCH better, and he is walking around and stuff now. However, he has had some trouble swallowing at times and he is beginning to have stomach pain again. :/ While we were in Texas, he was eating really great! I'm hoping it is just the irritation from radiation. We go back July 19 so we are praying for good results. He was treated at MD Anderson with two types of chemo along with radiation for 28 days. Because of a massive stroke, seizures, and sleep apnea, he was not a candidate for surgery. He was T3N1M0. It was more so stomach cancer I suppose, but at the very top and going into his esophagus.

Please pray for us!


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    Hi Peachycream
    Thanks for

    Hi Peachycream
    Thanks for your recent dad update. Nice to hear from you! Glad dad is home and starting to improve. It takes a long time to recover. Every person is different. Let him take it slow. If the pain in the stomach continues, let the dr know. Prayers will continue daily for all of you.