lung sarcoma

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I am 23 months into it so far. I am now 51 years old. Had my left lung removed sept. 2008. completed six months of in patient chemo. I am feeling great, other than some shortness of breath. I was diagnosed by my family doctor on aug 5 2008 on a routine physical. He found a large tumor in my left lung. Aug 7 I was at the Sylvester cancer center in miami. so far so good. has anyone had any similar experience, I still get anxiety.


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    ewings sarcoma
    I am 45 and have been through ayear of treatments for Ewings Sarcoma base skull but with mets to lung. I too had a lobe removed from my left lung....4 rounds of chemo and rads. it has only been 9 weeks since i finished treaments. I am so anxious about the future it is unreal... i am hopin it lessens with time. How long did it take you after treaments to feel somewhat normal...I know the old normal is impossible but the tiredness etc...I am so frustrated and down about how I feel - just want somewhat of a life back. My first scans since end of treatments coming up - very nervous - any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    What the stage

    Can i know which stage are you when you was diagnosed with lung cancer? My mum was just diagnosed and was told is between stage two to four.