Anyone else with mets to muscles and / or bones?

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We've been at this now for 7 months, chemo and radiation, chemo, more radiation, and although right now, with a reduced dose in his treatment, he is having some really good days for the most part, we continue to find new "knots" on his arms and legs. We have one more chemo in two weeks, then repeat scans. We are on Oxaliplatin, 5-FU and Leflouricil? not sure I spelled that right, but this treatment has been going on since March when we got reports that all the chemo before (carboplatin and taxotere) had not worked at all. Cancer had spread even more to his bones and muscles. Since beginning this trio in March, scans in April showed some increase and some decrease in activity which the doctors called "stable report". He had to have a dose reduction in May and since then, he has actually felt pretty decent most days, eating is better (taking an appetite enhancer) and he has put on a little bit of that 27 pounds he lost. We are so thankful for those of you who have checked in on us and I am so sorry, I've been so run down, trying to work, keep house going and be his main caregiver, that I've sort of "avoided" this site for fear I would see things I didn't want to see happening to others and afraid of what's ahead for us.

I'm very greatful that he has had "quality" days these last two months and we are continuing to pray that we will have many more ahead. God the Great Physician is still on HIS throne and these next scans may show nothing at all.

The majority of his cancer is in his back, chest, ribs and now muscles throughout, legs, and arms. We pray this will all just "disapper". His swallowing has gotten much better with the radiation and he is eating well.

If anyone has had any mets to muscles and bones and had any other drugs that work, please let us know. Our doctor is great and is looking at plan C should we need to change.



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    don't give up

    I don't personally have experience with what your husband is going through, my dad apparently had stage 3 EC. But I just wanted to tell you not to give up----on this site, your husband or hope for treatment that will help him and you.

    And you can always vent here...