medulloblastoma stage 4 my 55 yr husband

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My husband was diagnosed april 17th 2010. He was biopsied and were told he had stage 4 medulloblastoma that was non operable. He has a permanent shunt in the top of his head that drains to his stomach. Radiation treatment started a couple of weeks after diagnosis, full head and spine for 4 weeks, than the last 2 weeks was targeted to the tumors (3). Now he is on a break for approximately 1 month than chemo for 1 yr or so. The problem he has right now is his fatigue, and weakness in his joints, he is pretty much on the couch all day in and out of sleep, he uses a walker as he has fallen twice. We are wondering if anyone else has had his same diagnosis and if so what treatment did you receive and how are you doing now. His treatment was at UCSF and is now seeing an oncologist in Napa, CA. for his Chemo plan.

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    My husband DX in 1999 has had 3 tumors and two reocurrances were in his spine. He is 11 1/2 years from frist DX. He has always been weak and tired and that has never gone away. This has been ongoing since the day he finished his radatation. He is currently dealing with another tumor growing in the area as the first one. Ceders Sinia hosptial in Los Angeles as far as I am concerned is the best.
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    My husband had a tumor removed and had several weeks of radiation treatments. He tired easily and started having strokes caused from the blood vessels to the brain were becoming brittle due to the intense radiation therapy he received. Question for you, was your husband ever in Vietnam?