Steroids and 4th of July

dixiegirl Member Posts: 1,043 Member
At least you'll be up and ready for fireworks...that is if the rain stops long enough.


  • merrywinner
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    Fireworks indeed!
    When I was taking the high doses of Prednisone I think I was the fireworks.
  • COBRA666
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    My second round of fireworks start tomorrow. Not really looking forward to it ether.I don't know if you have noticed or not but, I noticed most of the people on the site have only been on for a year or so. There must of been people on here for longer than that. Where did they all go? Did they give up on us and move on. Would really like to know how they are doing. I am sure the people that have been on here for at least a year have noticed how a lot of these members are no longer posting. I am sure they are out there. I have written to several of them but never get a response. I was thinking there may be another site they have moved too. John