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Jim Pilot
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Hi all its been a while since I posted as I had the surgery 6/4 at Sloan Kettering NYC. I cant say enough about the care at this hospital it was excellent. I developed a leak post op but not on the esophages but on the stomach area, where it was sewn . I was in Sloan 25 days most of the last 10 days waiting for the leak to stop ( I beleive). My doctor sent me home with a drain tube into a bag which I empty. I also have a feeding tube and consume 8 cans of food a night as I cant eat yet. My doctor says he is not worried and it will scar over and stop leaking eventually. I trust him with my life but was wondering if anyone else has been in this situation and approx how long it took. I had chemo and radiation before the op so I know my healing system is compromised. PS while inside my roomate who didn't have chemo or rad had his chest tube removed after 4 days and was eating scrambled eggs by day 8. Thank You in advance for the reply's Jimmy Mc