CLL and Gleevec??

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I am writing this for my father who has CLL. He would like to know if Gleevec is ever used for CLL? Does anyone know about any studies or trials using Gleevec for CLL?


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    Not familiar with Gleevec
    Hi, my husband was diagnosed when he was 64 yrs of age, and had to have chemo 6 months afer his diagnosis. His CLL is more agressive than most. He had Chemo about 2 years ago. He was given the Chemo introveiniously with 3 drugs...Rituxan, Fludara, and Cytoxin. Now his lymph glands and spleen are enlarged, so they want to Chemo him again, with something new???? Do you know if any CLL is treatable with Bone Marrow TRansplants?

    Best of luck to you and your father......Montana Boys Wife...