claudia--a couple questions.....

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hi claudia,

i. too, sometimes forget who i've said what to, or where i've read what. i do remember now, however, that you said after your surgery two nodes became enlarged (almost exactly the size as mine), but stopped growing once you started your tumeric/ginger/green tea, etc., routine, which is what i'm hoping will happen with me as well.

i'm wondering, if you are willing to say, where your nodes actually are, and if you know whether they are in fact cancer, and not, say, scar tissue?? i have no idea for sure of what my slightly enlarged periaortic node consists--my chemo doctor believes, i think, that it is cancer, while my acupuncturist and the charge nurse at the oncology center, think it is not. i'm treating it as if it is cancer, and doing all the anti-cancer things i know to do. but, was certainly wondering if you knew what your nodes were, and if you do, how you know. no one thought i should have a needle biopsy at this point.

so, dear claudia, whatever you have to say, i'd be happy to hear.

hugs and sisterhood,


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    I'd like to chime in as well. How did you know about these nodes? Feel something or on scan, etc.? Your doc is doing the wait and see for now?

    I know our cancer can move to the nodes so always curious how we all find out about them having issues.

    Thanks for your input...
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    I've seen the diagrams of how the needle biopsy is done for the area where my nodes are and they mention things like perferating the bowel.

    There were two nodes and they grew to 1.5cm over a six month period.

    I am at the library so I don't have my scan notes with me, but they were the iliac nodes I think. The doctor said they were the nodes closest to the cancer and could be considered the sentinal nodes. This is all sorta saying as I can't remember for certain right now.

    That book Foods that fight cancer, would be the next one on the list of books to read and actually will most likely become my first to read recommendation in the future. I think one should go on vacation and read up a bit prior to making any life and death decisions. Boy have I totally forgotten how to spell.

    You heard any marvey pooh news to give us all hope recently??

    would love to hear.