Diffused large cell b lymphoma

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Mom just found out she has diffused large cell b lymphoma at least in stage 3; doing bone marrow biopsy in a week to see if it is stage 4. Mom is 89 so we were wondering if it is advisable for her to take any treatments. Can anyone tell us how bad is the treatment for this type of lymphoma?


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    large b cell
    Hi, sorry for the news, it's really all Chemo, her Onocolgist will make the decision on the treatment. There is a lot of factors to consider. I'm on my second stage of treatment for the same cancer as your mom,I'am at stage four, there are bad days and good days. Let the doctors explain all the benefit's and risk's to treatment. Good luck to you.... Vinny
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    Sorry for the news.
    I agree with Vinny. The treatment is usually Chemo based but I am sure the Md's will advise the best course of treatment for her based on her age and overall health. It sounds like they have already scheduled a bone marrow biopsy for her. I hope she gets to be put under for this. I see so many posts here where people are awake and that can be hard. I would certainly ask about the light form of sedation also known as MAC sedation for her. My MD always uses this for his Lymphoma patients as with Lymphoma they have to get a biopsy from both sides of the back of the pelvis. It can't hurt to ask but again age and general health may be a factor. I would take it one step at a time,hard as that is. I know when I was receiving chemo I saw many older folks getting Chemo for the same condition. Good luck and God bless. Your Mom already has one thing in her favor....a caring son or daughter!