Great stage I or II Low Grade B-cell?

Newfoundcancer Member Posts: 40
I went yesterday for another dose of radiation. I talked with the specialist and asked
him why I get zapped in front and back? Then he pulled my PET scan and showed me another
place that I may have cancer. He told me it might be early stage II. Didnt want to take any chances so he put it in my treatment. He also told me it could just be an infection?
I guess when it comes to Cancer diagnosis, the Docs play lets pin the tail on the Donkey.
Even for the Docs its also new to them, maybe thats why they dont like to say the word CURED.
We are in a renaissance period with cancer. I do belive if they dont already have a cure we
are close to one. Every ones body is different. Some of the meds work and some dont its all
due to our genetics. I do hope if some one finds a cure they will let the rest of us know.
His name will be on schools, roads and so on. But by than there will be a new curse upon us..