ampullary cancer

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I was diagnosed with Ampullary cancer in Jun 2009. Was suppose to have the whipple procedure but was unable to complete the surgery due to the fact that the cancer had spread into the lymph nodes. I have been on chemo treatment since Aug 2009 it is called the GTX protocol and I have been doing very well. Has anyone else had this happen where they could not have the full procedure. I am told I cannot have the rest of the surgery and that I will be kept on the chemo treatment as long as it keeps working. I have been on the treatment almost 1 year. Any info would be helpful. Thank you.


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    I can't decide if I should have the Whipple and I'm interested on how you are doing now? Thank you Pat

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    I had the Whipple. My markers are high but no tumors. They can't figure out why the markers won't go down.

  • PatRussell909
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    Well I had the Whipple a year ago today and six months of chemo and one scan clear.

    so happy I did. I’m amazed how well I’m doing ❣️. Life is good 😊