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An update and some good news.

As many of you know my very active 78 year old father was diagnosed with T3N1M0 Stage three esophageal cancer in December of 2009. He started his course of 2 agent chemo (Carboplatin and Taxol) and then did another course and added 30 radiation treatments. He had a stent inserted in his esophagus to help him eat. He responded very well to his treatments, SUV levels went down and his tumor shrunk and then on April 17 his stent fell into his stomach and we began the roller coaster ride where there were days I didn’t know if he would make it because he got so weak. Two surgeries later (to remove two stents) finally the put in a J-tube (so he was finally able to begin getting nutrition), and almost a month in the hospital and another several weeks in a rehabilitative hospital.

But today dad is back home and getting stronger every day. He has physical therapy a couple of hours a day to get him up and out again. Right now he is up to using the walker to get around, next goal no walker, and then driving :).

He has a pet scan scheduled for July 12th to see the results of the treatment. Even with all the complications he completed his chemo and radiation. He is even talking about perhaps considering the MIE if the radiation has left active cancer cells, of course all this depends on the results of the PET scan. I can tell you those surgeries almost did him in but he is a fighter and he seems to be considering the possibility of many years left to his life now that he has survived the last six months. He needs to get stronger, but I thank God for all the prayers here and the encouragement and hope that the results of the PET scan will be encouraging. Perhaps there won’t be any sign of the cancer, or if there is it can be surgically removed.

Thank you to everyone for all the kind words.



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    To Your Dad's continued success
    Wow! What a fighter. Glad he can now get nutrition through his J tube. My husband needed his and it helped him get his strength back for surgery. We had a little trouble with the tube but more aggravation than problem. It worked well and we learned how to manage it. As to a clear PET scan, following my husband's chemoradiation, he had a PET scan and it showed no cancer in the body. However, his cancer team said he should have the surgery to complete the treatment regimen. Sure enough, on the esophagus portion removed, underneath the scar tissues, even though the PET scan said nothing was present, cancer cells were found. "That's why we do the surgery, " said our oncologist. My husband had the Igor Lewis surgery. Quite an event. Our thoracic oncologist surgeon felt in my husband's best interest, an MIE would not be the solution to the problem. He is a skilled surgeon, and we felt confident of his approach. If an MIE would have been an appropriate option for my husband, we would have chosen it. So, hopefully, things will go well for your father and your family. Prayers to you all.
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    I'm so glad to hear


    I'm so glad to hear about your good news!! Keep your smile...and keep on loving your dad!! What an awesome time you guys have together. This journey is hard...but what beautiful moments there are along the way!!

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    so nice to hear that

    so nice to hear that your dad is gaining his strength back! He sounds like he is feeling a little like his old self again---does wonders for the body doesn't it?
    Prayers for continued improvement for him
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    wonderful update
    Such a great report and all that your Dad has been thru, what a trooper!! Hoping and praying that he continues on this successful path and gets any and all treatment that he needs and good results from the scans. take care, prayers always,