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Anybody get B12 injection to generate some energy after radiation treatment? Can't get movin' again!


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    I didn't
    But I do have a friend who is also a survivor that told me her doctor gave her B12 during her treatment and she never got tired. I did talk to my doc about taking a B complex, and have been doing that to help with my energy level. I feel like my energy is pretty good most of the time, but I do still get fatigued for no particular reason some days. My last rads treatment was 4-28.
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    B12 Injections
    Why are you just assuming your Vitamin B12 level is in the deficient range? A simple blood test will let you know if your levels are low and supplementation is even needed. It is possible that over-the-counter B12 pills are all that is necessary. If your B12 level is within the normal range, then additional B12 will be of no use.