Who else gets shots of Leukine? Side effects?

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Friday the 25th I had my appt with the Onc and he informed me how the cycle works. Even though my Chemo peaks after the first week, my blood count will continue to drop for another week. Causing me to become weaker. When I heard that, I was so discouraged i almost cried. I told him I have to work through this... so anyway - I was given a shot of Leukine and will continue everyday for the next 10 days. Wow!! what a difference I felt. By the next morning my mouth sores were gone and I wasn't weak anymore. I spend the whole day Saturday shopping with my girls - then come Sunday I was down with the biggest belly ache ever. I was bloated and everytime I ate it got worse. Today I'm better but man !! One day I feel good and another I'm a mess!! Guess I'd rather have these side effects than the weakness. At least I'm still able to do things. The other side effects I have with the shot is chills and fever but I can off set that with Tylonal.
My white blood count was 2.1 - did anyone have this their first week out since their 1st treatment?
Sometimes when I think about doing this another 5 times and getting worse each time, I get discouraged and think I can't do it. I too feel like such a woose! But I do praise the Lord for modern technology and all they can do for the side effects, even the side effects for the side effects.
But I made it to work today and I will admit I do feel better. Maybe the belly ache was a flu bug or something? Anyone experiece the same thing?

Thanks for listening guys :)


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    I didn't have chemo, so, I
    I didn't have chemo, so, I am kind of useless with info for you.

    Just want to say that I hope you feel better.

    Many here will post and give you info since so many do have chemo.

    Good luck,

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    Hi, Kelly -
    I had a different chemo cocktail than the one you're doing, and I have to admit I've never heard of Leukine....so I'm not much help to you!

    But it's kind of funny that, when I had my 1-week checkup after my first round of chemo, my white blood cell count was also...2.1. My oncologist started me on the Neulasta shot after my next round, and it worked beautifully for me -- 1 week after the next round, my white blood cells were loud and proud at 15.5! Hope the Leukine works just as well for you!