After The Trach

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I had my Trach removed a week ago, I'm very happy, but have a few questions, someone that has had a Shiley #6 than went a #4, it was left in for 2 months, you no my l/s larnyx is paraylized, but when my throat was healing, it healed around the oval plug and rubbed till it got sore. to touch it is very firm and the whole is alomot gone, in fact no air comes through, my airwave did open, but when i exert to much, my breathing gets a little harder, they said with the hyperberic I might regain more passage way, will the throat muscles and alot of the tightness go away after a while, i just found out what a great purpose the jazuzzi is, I'm just concerned about after everything was removed what pain they felt, and wha did it look like,,Thanks howler back Please, you guys are better than the doctors. Dennis