Newly diagnosed...please help

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I'm a 41 year old female, relatively healthy exept for being overweight and (in the last year) taking high blood pressure meds.

I've just been diagnosed with RCC: 2.5cm in the upper lobe of my right kidney. They showed me on a sort of looks like a golf ball half in/half out of the top of my kidney.

It was just confirmed Friday via CT scan (it was found accidentally during an abdominal CT scan two weeks ago when I was in the hospital with stomach and back pain).

They are scheduling an appt. with a urologist next week to decide on the next course of action.

I have been doing some reading, but I have so many questions.

Will it likely be a partial or total nephrectomy? What are the advantages and risks of a partial?

What is the recovery like? How long will I be off work (desk job)?

Will I have to have other meds or chemo?

What stage is it likely to be?

Should I make any changes (diet etc.)?

I'm concerned that they will want to act with only a consult with the urologist. I feel like I should also be seen by an oncologist.

Any recommendations or advice would be so appreciated!

I'm in the Kansas City area, so local resource recommendations would also be great.


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    Do you mind if I give you an upbeat prognosis?
    My C-T scan showed a 2.7cm tumor so its sounds like we are in the same boat. My surgery was 8 years ago at age 59 and I am doing fine now. In my case my Urologist was also a Surgeon and was also an Oncologist. Only 2 of some 20 doctors in his Urology group actually did this surgery. Most Urologists diagnose Kidney Cancer, but leave it to an Oncologist or Surgeon to do the Surgery. When you meet with the Urologist, he will likely make another referral unless this is his area of expertice. The good thing about the Kidney Cancer you have is that it is of the size that it probably has not spread and the surgery will provide a cure. Definately try and cut the weight down as that will make the surgery and recovery more difficult. When I had mine they were not doing partial nepharotomys so that will possibly be an option for you to discuss with your Surgeon. If the cancer has not spread you will not be having chemo. As for the Surgery and recovery this is major addominal surgery which is not fun, but it beats the alternative. This is not a procedure. Absent complications you will be in the hospital a few days and on bed rest for a week or 2 after. You may have to be off work 4 to 6 weeks. By the way at 60 I went waterskiing 11 months after my surgery so I expect nothing less from a young 41 year old.
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    Newly diagnosed
    I was 64 when I was diagnosed in Dec 2009. My tumor was 2cm and also located on the upper part of my right kidney. I had a partial done, as I also have Chronic kidney disease and couldn't afford to lose a whole kidney. I was in the hospital (In Intensive Care as a precaution) for 4 days. On the second day they had me up and walking, which at first is not fun but very important part of healing. The pain was intense but with the pain medication it was bearable. After 2 days they put me on a liquid diet and on the third day they gave me solid food to see if I could keep it down which I did, and on the fourth day I was released. Once home the recovery went well. I had about 24 staples in me and also a little hole below the surgery scar that was used for a drainage tube. That hole eventually dried up and closed on it's own, but you will have seepage from it until it does. I went back after 2 weeks to have the staples removed and that made me more comfortable. I was not on any medication except for pain, and I just had a follow up MRI after 6 months and I was clean. All in all I could think of some better way to kill some time but I am none the worse for the procedure. As I said it has been 6 months and except for some swelling on the side of my surgery I feel fine.

    It sounds as if your Tumor is small and caught in time, and your DR can advise you as for the partial or radical which will be based on your other health factors. As far as returning to work each persons body responds differently, but you will definitely be out until you have your staples or stitches removed. The main thing is to keep a positive fame of mind.
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    i had to have my kidney
    i had to have my kidney removed in feb.. i had 3 arteries to my kidney so i had to have the radical... even removed a rib...

    operation took 2.5 hours.. in the hospital for 5 days...

    my uroligist took care of it all... and he was very good... they do the ct's.. the chest exrays .. blood work.. etc..

    I also have a desk job and was out for 3 months and back for 1/2 days for another month.....

    The position of sitting at a desk was really uncomfortable.. still is... but i'm feeling better everyday...

    my dr said to go on a low protein diet... has something to do with euhric acid and your kidney.... drink lots of water... exercise... make yourself healthy to give your body the best chance it has...

    i only have the meds after surgery.. no chemo at this time... have scans every 6 months right now..

    good luck and don't fret too much.. if it's contained to the kidney.. you should be in good shape later