CT Scans and Barium

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When I was having CT Scans every three months for the first year, I found that I had severe almost incapacitating reaction to the barium swallow. I talked to the radiologist about this and she said she could use Omnipaque which is a solution they use in IV contrast. They mix it with fruit juice and you don't even taste it, though you still have to drink the same amount and get the same image results. When I asked her why they don't use this for all contrast she said it was simply a cost issue so they typically use barium. I know a lot of people have a hard time with barium maybe not as severe as mine is, but miserable enough so I thought I would throw this out there as something to ask your doctor about. I guess if you are already sick with other side effects of treatments, the barium in my opinion can make it even harder if you have a bad reaction.