Nervous about possible breast cancer

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I first want to thank you all for helping
me understand what goes along with ovarian cancer. I was diagnosed a little over 2 years ago with stage 3. I had debulking, hysterectomy, etc., and have been doing fine. My dr. who I love, has had to change my chemo's several times as I've have become allergic to them one by one. My cancer markers in the beginning were over 3,000 and now it's 36. I am now on Avastin and a chemo pill cytoxan. So far so good. I took a cscan and everything seems to be looking good.

My worry now is - I went for a mammogram and found that I had dense breasts. I just took an ultra sound and the the radiologists says they don't know exactly what it is - but it's not cancer. My dr. feels a biopsy at this time is not necessary but I should go for another mammogram in 3 months.

Has anyone gone through something like this?

Thank you for any input you can give me. Sorry that this is so long - but I just wanted to get it all out.

Thanks again.