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I know things seem bleak, but you still have options. You may currently be in liver failure, but your liver does regenerate. If there is no infection and no blockage, then perhaps all you need is some time to heal. There is a device called ELAD being tested to support liver functions in the event of failing liver. If your cancer hasn't been genetically tested, get it tested. They can customize a treatment based on your specific genes. From what I read in your posts, you went folfiri a couple of times and a couple of clinical trials. There are so many other options. Try to find an interventional radiologist to just kill the most invasive tumor. If you can't find an American Dr. They will do it cheap for you in Mexico or Costa Rica. Don't concern yourself with a cure. Just get the tumors that are most likely to kill you. They can do this in just a few minutes with Rapidarc or Novalis. You can buy yourself plenty of time.
If your liver does recover, take 1 gram of resveratrol a day, both pill and liquid form. I also recommend lots of vitamin D maybe 4-5000 units. I've been told to call hospice dozens of times. Just because one guy can't help you doesn't mean another can't. There are guys on the cutting edge of technology, and there is no cooperation among them. Find the guy that can help you.