Anyone with mets to the brain? What have you done??

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My husband is stage 4 ec cancer...his last pet scan was very good...the chemo has been working...but then this one brain tumor in the cerebellum showed up in mri. They are suggesting surgery or whole head radiation...

we have been advised against surgery since it is too risky...and are probably gonna start whole head on monday...

what have been others experiences with whole head rad. to brain for brain mets? does it work? what are the %?

please let us know...looking for someone who has gone through this.




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    Why are they doing WBR for
    Why are they doing WBR for only 1 tumor? WBR is nasty stuff, it works, but the effects are horrid. My mom had WBR, because she has 20 tumors, they are all now gone, but so is some memory etc....