Will be starting radiation in about three weeks or so

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I had my third chemo last Friday and in three weeks or so will begin radiation treatments for 25 sessions and then follow up with 3 more chemos after that.

Can you tell me what to expect? I have an appt next week to meet with the radiology doctor.

I understand they make a mold for you to lay in, take your picture, some have mentioned a dress rehearsal etc.

What I am scared about is what happens if I sneeze, I seem to sneeze more since I have been doing chemo, and also post surgery (probaby from hysterectomy/hormones) I will get hold and cold and get a shiver up my spine and shake for a second or two. What if this were to happen while they are zapping me with radiation?

When I had surgery my surgeon put in markers for where to hit with radiation so do I will need mri and cat?

I appreciate feedback and how people did overall with radiation?

Thanks all.

Peace and hugs!