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Hank had bloodwork at the onc 6/10-came back all normal, liver kidney, CEA you name it all good. Physical with Primary Care Dr on Fri 6/18, again everything all perfectly normal, including urine. Yesterday urine bagan to look dark and smoky? Primary not concerned said possible medication reaction or could have passed small stone, suggested drinking lots of water and of course be vigilent for any other symptoms or changes. Cleared up a little last night and this morning than started again after breakfast and morning meds. He feels fine, no fever, burning, pain or any other symptom, but I of course am silently freaking out

I should also mention he had PET/CT 5/28, all organs were clear (but did have several small stones) Anyone had any experience like this?


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    With my chemo......
    I urinated everything from what I thought was blue/green to a cloudy color as you stated...Hopefully he is really hydrating himself as this seems to clear it up pretty quickly. I have never had stones so I can't contribute anything to that but yeah, during and just after chemo I never worried about what my urine looked like (or smelled like) PHEW !!!....Just that I was urinating let me know that I was getting some kind if minimal hydration. It will go away soon enough...After urinating several times a day I am sure he is ridding his system of the buildup in his bladder while at night while he sleeps it is most likely concentrating and looks worse at first urination than any other time...As long as its not blood in his urine, I wouldn't worry about it.......Buzz