Eagle Project to help Head and Neck patients, YOUR help URGENTLY needed

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Dear Patient,

I need your help with My Eagle Scout Project

My name is John and I am a Life Scout with Troop 511 in North West Austin, Texas. I am working on my Eagle Scout Project. My project is to create a brochure that lists foods and other comfort items that other Head and Neck Cancer Patients have found helpful and comforting during their treatment and recovery. Once I have compiled a list, I will then conduct a drive to collect these items and put these items into Comfort Care Bags and give them, along with the list I have created, to patients who have recently begun or are undergoing treatment.

The inspiration behind my project is that my mother has recently gone through radiation treatments for tonsillar cancer and she found that it took quite a bit of trial and error to find things that she could eat, things that were easy to eat, easy to swallow and did not taste particularly horrible. You have to eat to recover! I’m hoping to make this time a bit easier for future patients by providing some suggestions and some samples in the form of these Comfort Care Bags which will be given to the patients. I will also post the list I am creating to this web site. I hope this will help not only the people receiving the bags, but anyone that views this web site.

How can you help?
You can help me with my project by filling out an anonymous survey that I have created. Click on the link below or paste the link into your browser. All you need to do is list any foods, drinks and other comfort items that you have found helpful while going through treatment. If there were certain brands or flavors, feel free to list those. I hope to get at least 25 responses in the next week.
For example:

Boost or Ensure
chicken and stars soup
Chicken noodle soup
Skin care products(my mother liked Rad-x lotions)
Oral hygiene products(my mother liked Biotene products)

Thank you so much for participating in my project.


Copy this link into the address bar at the top to take the survey

A brochure with all the information that I have collected will be posted to this forum once I have completed it, hopefully by mid July.


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    Great Idea
    Good luck with this, hope you get more than 25 replies
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    dfdb06c said:

    Great Idea
    Good luck with this, hope you get more than 25 replies

    SPOHNC recipe book

    On the Support for People with Head and Neck cancer, there is such a book available, that you may be able to use as a resource.

    SPOHNC web address is:http://www.spohnc.org/recipe_resource_guide.php

    Recipe & Resource Guide Book

    SPOHNC is proud to offer this wonderful new cookbook! A long time in development, it is full of recipes and information about eating, getting proper nourishment, coping with swallowing challenges, and much more. With over 200 pages in a decorative hard cover binding, there are over 270 recipes, with nutritional information, contributed by cancer survivors, caregivers, friends and health care professionals. This is a one-of-a-kind resource, written especially for the unique needs of oral and head and neck cancer patients.

    Eat Well - Stay Nourished: Recipe and Resource Guide
    - Price: $17.50 each (tax deductible)
    - Postage and Handling is $2.50 per guide. Total cost - $20.00 per book. NOTE: Due to higher shipping costs to countries outside the US, please call to place your order (1-800-377-0928 or 516-759-5333).

    Hope this is helpful
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    MY faves
    I tend to be somewhat lazy, so I go for prepared foods. Others here do a lot more home made healthier options.
    These are my current faves

    * Choc Boost rather than Ensure, but ensure is cheaper
    * Cozy Shak Custard Flan (at Super One groceries)
    * Jello (Kind of low of the nutrient scale thought)
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    John, i thik what you are
    John, i thik what you are doing is great!! I've filled out the survery and I wish you the best and hope you get all the responses you need. You will probably get more than enuf.
    God bless you,
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    I did my survey. Good luck!!
    I did my survey. Good luck!! My son is an Eagle Scout.
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    Hi survivor son, Good luck and it will be interesting to see the results. Glad to help!