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After reading all the post and checking on other sites for updates it will come a day when you can go to the Drs. office for cancer and get a shot and be cured. They have come so far with this dreaded disease in the past 15 years. It seems they are making progress quickly. The treatments have changed from years ago and the survival rate has gone up, especially in the lymphoma catagory. The use of Rituximab has helped quite a bit. I see great strides in breast cancer as well. Prostate and colon early detection has helped a great deal. Unfortunately there really is no early detection for lymphoma as yet. I have read they are experimenting with other drugs for lymphoma and some are showing even better results than what we use today. The really sad thing is that cancer is on the rise and not on the decline. Remember how bad TB was in the 50's and 60's. Now its almost never heard of anymore, even though in that era it was on the rise. Most of those sanitariums are now apartment complexes or office bldgs.