What chemo cocktails are the strongest?

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I know there are so many different combinations. I have heard CMF is the lightest on the body but how does AC compare to TC? So much to learn - just wondering


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    Not sure
    It's difficult to answer that since chemo effects people differently. The same combo can make one person very fatigued and someone else barely affected. Adriymicin is seen as very potent and is often not prescribed because of its possible toxic effects on the heart. Taxanes (Taxol, Taxotere) can cause neuropathy in the hands and feet. I had TAC all together, and it was a pretty difficult regimen -- though I knew someone who took it and continued going on her morning jogs. Except for hair loss, there is very little a doctor can tell you about how you will specifically react until you take it.

    Now if you're talking about "strongest" in terms of effectivness, that's a different story and the subject of much study and debate. We know now for instance that some of the older chemo reigmens (like 5-FU, I think) are not as effective as AC or TC or newer combinations. Whether dose dense chemotherapy is more effective is another question. It's not an exact science, though I often wish it were.

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    it's hard to say. . .
    i think the way each chemo cocktail affects someone is dependent on that individual. i went through six rounds of TC and while it was not as devastating as i expected, there were lots of side effects. now i am going through AC, and i was terrified, i had heard horrible things about adriamycin - but i tolerated the first session better than TC. however, i did get the sores in my mouth after this chemo which i did not have before.

    all i can say for sure is that you can get through it, not a walk in the park by any means, but certainly doable.

    good luck to you.