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I don't post on here often, but read them each day. At lest one person on this board knows me well, but anyway, I want to share my cancer story and the life after. On April 14, 2008, I was dx with EC (T3N1Mo). I headed to MD Anderson in Houston, TX for treatment, because my local Onc told me that we have only one shot at a cure.I needed to be an institution that deals with this each day. However, I already had my mind made up before he passed that information along to me.

Anyway, we get to MDA, have all the test, and the treatment plan. The plan included Xeloda (by mouth), Texotare, and 28 days of radiation to be completed July 1, 2008. If everything is well, then we will have the IL surgery because we can remove more nodes.

Everything was good, so now to the surgery on August 12, 2008. It was a tough surgery, but I was back at work with the City of Mobile, Al Fire/Rescue full duty on Novemeber 9, 2008. I retired 1 yr later at the age of 43 with full retirement because it was considered an (on the job injury). Yes, I could have continued to work, but I wanted to do the things in life I have always wanted to do, so I said good-by.

22 months later, I eat any and everything with no dumping, and feel like nothing has ever happened to me. I am currently working on my flight instructor rating for single engine airplanes, just completed a 100 mile canoe trip 2 months ago, a 100 mile hike on the Appalachian trail with a 40 lb pack, and have another one planned in September which may be 200 miles.

This is NOT to brag, but show other EC survivors's that there is life after cancer. YES, I know that this can return at anytime and may be there now for all I know. I go back to MDA in August for my 2 year scan. If it is good, they will put me on a 1 yr rotation. BTW, my path showed NO cancer in the esophagus, but did find a few cells in 1 of 40 nodes taken. So, this put me in the 30% 5 yr survival rate, so now I do everything I always wanted to do and more. However, I don't pay much attention to those stats and hope that you don't either.

Well, that is pretty much my story. There is life after the surgery! If you wish to see my store from the beginning along with pics after before and after surgery, go to: and sign up with name/password and search for CharlieCCarpenter.

I pray for each one on here that is fighting the beast that you live a long life and enjoy every minute of it.



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    Absolutely wonderful. Continued good life and enjoyment.

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    Congratulations and Thank You
    Dear Skyhawk
    Thank you for posting your wonderful survival story. God bless you! You have a great positive adtittude, and are an inspiration to all EC patients and caregivers. Enjoy all of your upcoming adventures.