Question about eating after surgery..

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My hubby will be having the surgery soon and I want to try and get all the info I can on feeding him after.

I have heard about sugar and milk in your diet after surgery. Right now he is eating most anything he wants and I also still make him shakes for xtra calories and vit. The shakes are carnation instant breakfast mixed with milk, whey protein, and ice cream. I am wondering if he will be able to tolerate this after surgery? Carnation has a lot of sugar and the milk and ice cream too.

Just wondering if any of you were still able to eat something like this after.



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    You may have to work up to them slowly

    You may have to test the waters a bit with the high calorie shakes. I got a great tip from Donna on this site. I found after my surgery that high calorie suppliments like Boost and Carnation Instant Breafast caused dumping. Donna suggested drinking them slowly over a period of time (a couple of ounces at a time). I found by doing this I could get the benefit of the high calories without causing dumping. I just keep them in the refrigerator and pick away at them during the day.

    I would also recommend. Esophagectomy diet:

    And dumping syndrome diet:

    Hope this helps,

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