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I spoke or wrote to a Paul who has gone threw this. I think it was back in March. You gave me some advice for my Dad and sites to go to on Dumping syndrome and other things.

If you are on the network today could you write back to me. My dad needs some more help.

Or email at krandall@ajchebuske.com



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    If your dad is having the dumping syndrome that means he is havving way to much sugar and milk. First off stay away from milk, and ice cream, that will give it to him right off, as your dad stomach is adjusting to his new stomach and it cant handle these two things. If he uses milk in cooking thats okay, but to sat down and drink one is a no no it will send him straight to the bathroom. Ice cream will do the same thing. He can eat jello, pudding, and anything with milk in it okay, my family member is just now able to drink milk or ice cream (a little) and it will be a year next month since surgery. Have him eat high protein meals, mac and cheese, eggs, potatoes (red is better) don't eat the peelings, will not digest.
    Maybe Paul has other ideas I just know what we went through.

    You can also go on the internet and just type dumping syndrome and it will give you some information.

    Lori/aka moe58
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    Here ae some references that I think may help

    Here are some references to documents that I think will help.

    First is a recommeded diet for people with an esophagectomy:


    Second is a diet specifically focused at avoiding dumping:


    Also recommendations include;

    1. Eat small meals frequently (six to seven times a day)
    2. Make sure to chew everything thoroughly and eat slowly (set you fork down from time to time)
    3. Watch out for sugar and simple carbohydrate foods
    4. Test your ability to drink dairy products some people become lactose intolerant after surgery

    5. Drink only small amounts with meals, drink larger amounts 1 hour after eating

    Look for foods that are protein dense. Augment things like yougurt with whey protein to increase calorie intake.

    Hope these help!!!

    Best Regaqrds,

    Paul Adams
    AKA "paul61"
    McCormick, South Carolina
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