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Hi everyone, here is an available calendar I've added a title to. I have three websites, and I could see about tacking one onto the end of one of my sites if this doesn't work. This is one I've used for different groups before, and is hosted by I've left the permissions wide open, so anyone can change settings, that can be changed so that people only have the right to add and view, or add, view, and edit, but not delete. I could administrate a bit if there is a problem, but this is a fine group and if it can left open, that would be nice. Just click on the date to add information. If you can't access it at, let me know. It's start, and may be all we need.
I don't know how or if an active link can be added to the body of forum messages, maybe one of you know. If not, the url can be added as a message and kicked to the top from time to time.
Post and let me know if this is working.



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    I works like a CHARM!! I
    I works like a CHARM!! I love it!!!
    If anyone wants, I will put your info in--first day and last day rads, whatever you want

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    Thanks, Hal
    This is cool. Now we can keep track of who's doing what when.