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So someone on here,suggested acupunture for my chemo side effects. So I went the day after my last treatment. Of course close to your treatment you are feeling human again. So I really didn't see much effect. Oh BTW we have a school by us and its cheaper to go to students. I got a package deal 4 treatments for $100. So this week I go and by this time I have absolutely no energy and had been spending most of my time in bed. Well I got a different student this time and she put the needles in different places, including the top of my bald head. I have so much more energy, I can hardly believe it. I will be doing this more often especially after the steroid fall. I am anxious to see how my blood levels maintain. I will keep you all updated. If you have a school close to you consider it.


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    I am so glad to hear you had more energy after the 2nd time. I did have great results after acupuncture but you are right for the first few days feeling pretty normal is good. The effect of the acupuncture for me lasted for my whole 3 week cycle.

    Glad to hear it went well for you!