Had Third chemo Friday-notice I always sneeze more than usual the first week or so

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HI all.

Had my third chemo yesterday so I have finished my first phase of treatment. Phase 2 is radiation in 3 weeks, and phase 3 is 3 more chemos.

Anyway, I always notice after each chemo I sneeze more. I mentioned ot my oncologist and he said that is unusual-my mom said to him that she notices I do as well.

Wondered if anyone else experienced? I am on taxol/carboplatin.

Peace and hugs,


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    maybe similar to chemo hiccups?
    My guess is that it is similar to "chemo hiccups" which are pretty well-documented. I definitely am more prone to hiccups for about 36 hours after my carboplatin treatments, although in my case it's apparently the anti-nausea med rather than the carbo that's doing it.