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My mother, with Stage 4 RCC, got put on Avastin this week. I haven't heard of anyone discussing this drug. Has anyone tried Avastin? She is 74 with Type 2 diabetes. I am not sure she can handle Sutent's side effects. Also, what are bone mets? I am trying to educate myself about the disease and treatments so I can help her. Is anyone taking an antidepressant to help with depression?


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    Bone Mets
    I think that you are talking about matastisis to the bone. I have RCC, stage 4, type 3 with mets to the ribs and scalpula. I am 62 years old. I am on the Nexavar program and doing fantastic. Side effects have been a little rough but quality of life has been OK as long as I use the pain meds. I was on anxiety meds but figured that if I can handle without, I am better off. Good luck with your mother and God Bless