june 2010 Anaplastic astrocytoma in thalamus

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My mom (64 yrs young)was just recently diag. with grade 3 anaplastic astrocytoma & they say it's inoperable. Does anyone know anyone who had a tumor in the thalamus location. It's devastating to our family & I think we are all still in shock. First they spoke about doing cyberknife treatments now it's changed. Now they say start with regular radiation & chemo (temodar) first then some cyberknife? Any help suggestions would be great. We are going for a second opinion Monday the 21st.


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    my husband had an aa grade 3
    my husband had an aa grade 3 diagnosed at 56 is now 67. we went to a teaching and research hospital in our area and that is why he is nearly 11 years of survival. it is hard and she will become tired most likely. someone must advocate for her. my husbands was also inoperable and near the thalamus. he had radiation followed by stereotactic radiation and chemo. a second opinion is always wise. go to the best hospital possible while keeping in mind that having family near is important as well. ask questions even if you think they may be stupid. insist, insist! that they explain what is happening. if it isn't clear make them explain until you understand. best of luck.