CEA tumor marker rising

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after 9 years of stage 3, cc,my CEA tumor marker is rising ,tripled in a few months, creating much anxiety & worry, follow up tests & scans pending

anyone have experience with CEA marker increasing?


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    CEA on the rise
    I was diagnosed in January 08 and after surgery and four rounds of oxy my CEA was staying at 2, then I had to be taken off oxy and I was still at 2. In December 09 my CEA started rising, not fast, just one or two points every month, then in May '10 it shot from 8.4 to 11.5 in two weeks. My onc started me on CPT11, a very low dose, which after only two doses has made me very sick and I've lost almost all my hair. My onc will be doing a CT Scan in July.
    I have Stage IV appendiceal cancer. Colon cancer is the closest to this rare cancer, so I'm being treated for Stave IV colon cancer.

    Debbie in Arkansas