husband is in surgery

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My husband is currently in surgery..... he is having a cancerous tumor the size of a football removed as I type. Lots of complications could occur, or everything could turn out ok. It has been a long process with tests, scans, chemo and radiation. I am very nervous!!!


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    I know how you feel. My husband had a similar sized mass removed earlier this year. It was a long wait, and nothing can really take your mind off the situation. I hope that your husband's outcome is good. I know it is difficult to keep a positive outlook when times are stressful, and to be patient and supportive.
    I feel so lucky that we had so much support from family and friends, and that he is young enough and (other than the cancer) in good physical shape and very positive mental attitude. While difficult, recovery did happen. After a decade of cancer he is still positive about getting through it, and that helps. So does getting emotional support from groups like this and (an on line patient support group for specific cancer types).
    Best of wishes for your situation. As you can see, you are not alone.