Pancreas and other Cancer Treatments

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Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone heard of Issels Treatment in California?
Has anyone been there? How do they treat cancer? What are the results?
I would really appreciate it if I got any feed back from someone who has been there.
Thank you very much.


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    Issels Treatment

    I've not heard of this. I visited their website and am a little leary of any websites promoting treatment that is not traditional, but not to say it doesn't have merit. Patient testimonials make me very cautious/suspicious.
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    i read the web site Issels
    i read the web site Issels Treatment in California and while the therapies are legitimate and used at many top med center, I see red flags with their claims regarding their results and the financial model they use and would stay away from.

    I also list examples below from their web site that I question and have reservations about

    What are the results?
    The Issels Treatment has a long track record of complete long-term remission of otherwise incurable tumors. On the Statistics page we have statistical data for the treatment, under Cases are examples of long-term remissions, and on the Testimonials page are examples of recent cases. These cases do not represent all types of cancer successfully treated. They are examples of how many decades patients have remained cancer free after the Issels Treatment and demonstrate the regenerative power of the body even in advanced stages of the disease.

    Is treatment covered by insurance?
    Some insurance companies have reimbursed patients for all or part of the treatment costs. At the end of the treatment program patients receive an itemized statement, which they submit to their healthcare provider. The patient must inquire with his/her insurance company directly regarding policy coverage and procedure for reimbursement. We can recommend a company that assists patients in their negotiations with their healthcare provider.

    What is the method of payment?
    Payment is due upon admission in the form of a cashier’s check or wire transfer. Refunds are granted for services that are not delivered.

    Immunotherapy types as I see as viable treatment options for some types of cancers/stages

    Examples of immunotherapies for cancer, sometimes also referred to as biological response modifiers, are treatments such as interferons and other cytokines, monoclonal antibodies, and vaccine therapies.

    Interferons and other cytokines such as interleukins are produced naturally by white blood cells in the body (or in the laboratory) in response to infection, inflammation, or stimulation.

    Monoclonal antibodies are artificial antibodies against a particular target (the "antigen") and are produced in the laboratory.

    Cancer vaccines have increasingly been shown to improve the immune response. They typically consist of a source of cancer-associated material (antigen), along with other components, to further stimulate the immune response against the antigen. The challenge has been to enhance the patient's immune system to fight cancer cells that have the antigen.