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I have to tell you all this - my Mom is 3 weeks postop today and she has been reading all the posts on this site and commenting on what wonderful women you all are and how caring you've been to me (her daughter). She is coming back to herself again and doing better each day. She was able to drive herself to the mall near us to do her mall walking again for the first time today and she was thrilled with being able to do it. She is an avid mall walker, every day mall walking adding up to about 3 miles per day. She didn't do that long today but just getting back into somewhat of a normal life has helped tremendously. She has a determination, drive and positive attitude like noone else I know and, like you all here, she is a FIGHTER. She reads all the posts but has not yet figured out how to use a "forum". This is new to her. She is sitting with me here as I type this and read posts to her. I wanted to say thank you to you all for being here for us and she and I will continue to visit here daily. Little news about me, I'm going to the gynecologist this coming Friday as I have been "spotting" since last Monday and Mom is adamant that I get it checked out. I read somewhere that postmenopausal spotting can be just from stress and I can say I have had more than my fair share of that the past few weeks. We'll see. As Mom and I have talked about, what are the chances of two women in the same family having uterine cancer at the same time and age range (I'm 48 and she's 71). Again, thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.


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    Ocean1 AND MOM
    It was so great to get your update! And how exciting that Mom is feeling so much better AND has already resumed walking. AND just 3 weeks post-op....that is AWESOME!!

    With you Mom being such a fighter, she will win!! Attitude has a lot to do with one's recovery.

    Now...about YOU!! Sorry to hear that you are having some issues, but am so glad that you are getting it checked out pronto! Keep us posted.

    Hugs to you both!!