anemic post radiation treatment

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Hi all again; basketcase wife here!

I had posted a lengthy possible update about thryoid problems but haven't heard anything yet. Anyway hubby went to GP today for blood tests as he's had headaches, excessive tiredness, etc. etc. He has appts. with onc. and rad onc. this week anyway. Anyhow GP told him he thought it was one of two things either he's become anemic or it is the thyroid. Since I've read several of you have had hypothroidism post radiation treatment I was wondering if you had anything with anemia too or do the two tend to go together with post treatment. GP did tell him he would have the blood work back by noon tomorrow; we'll see. Keep us in your prayers and hopefully we'll have this straightened out before too long. He did give him a note to be off through Wednesday. He's anxious to get back to work as you can well imagine. Hope everyone's doing good.

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    Yep, anemia here.
    My blood work has shown a low red blood cell count. Now closing in on five weeks post radiation and chemo treatment, and it has been slowly rising on a weekly basis. Still below normal. My doctor noted that it was going to cause feelings of fatigue. Not low enough for them to treat. I guess they just allow you to rest, and your body to replenish itself, in all but the worst cases. I believe my thyroid is still testing normal so far, but they warned me to watch out for it in the (far) future.