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I am somewhat new to the board, but have followed the postings for a few months now. One year ago today, I was diagnosed with stage 3 anal cancer. I was 40 years old and on the very day, my only child also turned 7. One year later, I am so grateful to be here, seeing her turn 8, and to be feeling so good, and having some stamina and energy back. I feel so lucky, I honestly can say that anal cancer has changed by life for the best. As you all know, the treatment was pure hell, and looking back, I am in awe of myself, to see what I conquered is utterly amazing. The only person I know who has "had cancer" was my father who passed away 4 days before MY diagnosis. I was so scard in those beginning days of my dx, not having the only person I knew who could relate to what I was going through. Anyway, I am anxious to build a post-anal cancer support group, to be able to communicate with you select few who have endured this rare cancer. I was told I would have early menopause, it has now been 11 months since my last period. Just kind of strange. Not that I had planed to have more children, it's just strange to always be the fore-runner of my age group. I delt with an ill and aging parent, had cancer, now menopause...But don't get me wrong, I am so thankful to be where I am. If I can be of assistance, or lend an ear, advise or whatever it may be to someone else facing this, then I know, nothing was in vain. Thank you all for letting me unload and listening, I think I've come to read that you are all very gifted in that department. Just a little sentimental today, marking my one year dx anniversary.


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    Sending my congratulations for your one year NED anniversary. Wishing you endless more healthy and cancer free years. You've been through so much, losing your Dad and then the diagnosis. I remember when I was first diagonosed (7/09) the first thought that I had was that I wanted my Mom to just hug me. I had just turned 50 and my Mom had passed a few years earlier, but that's who I wanted next to me at that moment. The instant menopause has been quite interesting, lol. The forums have been helpful to me because it is important to know there are people who understand and can relate. I just pasted my 9 month mark and I am looking forward to the one year celebration as well.

    Thank you for sharing and may you continue to be blessed with good health and such a strong spirit.

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    Each time there is a declaration of NED, one celebrates and the worry eases - for a few days, anyway. I am 13 months from my one year anniversary and I do think this is a forum I had would have loved last year... or the year before! I got on to the local 'Living with Cancer Conference" planning committee hoping to get more "help" for those of us with rare cancers. The closest I have come so far is getting a session on the post-treatment effects of radiation- very interesting! But not as good as this forum has been for me/us!

    Sharing our experiences is the best way to help the docs figure out our best treatment, etc. At Least, it is the best way for us to advocate for ourselves!!

    This forum has been really helpful for me. Wish I'd had it 2 1/2 years ago.