Five FU and Oxaliplatin

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The cocktail for chemo that the Cancer Treatment Center has prescribed for Dale is called
FOLFOX - it is 5-FU, Oxaliplatin, and something that starts with an L. Has anyone ever heard of this and what kind of things should we be ready for - mouth sores, fatigue, low white count, and nausea we know about. Also hypersensitivity to cold things.

We start chemo on the 27th of June and it will be administered for 48 hours every two weeks for six months. We will be at the Cancer Center for 60 hours every two weeks for this to happen. They staged the cancer that has already been removed by minimally invasive esophagectomy as a Stage IIb, so that is encouraging. We are "cancer free" at this time, and the chemo is going to be an effort to keep it from reoccurring. We had a very good experience at the Cancer Treatment Center in Tulsa and plan to continue with treatment there so long as our insurance will approve.

Thanks to all of you for your support and encouraging words. We were pretty nervous about the visit to Tulsa.

Dale is doing well, he is regaining strength every day and feels about 50% back to pre surgery condition.


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    My husband has a further
    My husband has a further stage of esophageal cancer ...but he has had few side effects. The most extreme for him was the sensitivity to cold with the oxaliplatin.

    You might want to read about research about different foods and esophageal cancer. For example:

    Research seems to show berries are very good at stopping this kind of cancer.

    Also the spice turmeric and its active component curcumin might help. Research on curcumin is ongoing at the MD Anderson Center in Texas
    The studies have been done with mice but not much with humans yet...

    You are so fortunate...if he were my husband I'd encourage him to eat broccoli and other foods that look like they might stop cancer...after you finish with the chemo...