Layne doing well

Betty in Vegas
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May have to move on and really FIGHT for our spheres, but I'm ready to do that. Still no answer as to why the biopsies show no cancer though supposedly they are dead center of the largest tumor showing.

I just know God is doing what he is doing and we are doing what he asks of us. :)

We miss you all. Been very busy with the business, learning so much so I can carry it on my own if I have to. We may have a new client or two coming on board at our business, and our new arm is doing well, too. I'm also really working hard on a book, that we hope to publish soon. Our shirts at clubNEDwear are doing well, we even have one now that says: Esophageal Cancer Survivor! We have it in EC blue, too :) Our "esophagectomy patient...this side up" shirt is getting a lot of giggles too. It's our personal "ode to the wedges!" Our new photos of the actual SHIRTS (not just the art) should be up Mon or Tues.

Layne is eating well, we are juicing more. Much more. We added aspargus to the juicing--I swear, Layne is going to turn into a fruit or veggie! But he says he loves it and feels really energized when he drinks his juices. He also, oddly enough, no longer craves sweets--he thinks he is getting the right types of sugars in the carrot juices and it has taken those cravings away!

I am glad that OrionTJ is going to Alaska. Wow, that is so great! We love you all.

Betty and Layne


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    Keep the faith and I love
    Keep the faith and I love the shirts --- take care of yourself.

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    Thanks Betty for the update on how things are going. It's great hearing from you. I"m glad your business is doing well. I love how you lean on the Lord in all of this. What a great example you are!
    You're in my prayers,
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    thanks for the update
    Hi Betty and Layne,
    I will get on the site and order those shirts very soon. Glad to hear Layne is feeling good and hope they resolve that business about negative biopsies and still a tumor there. The juicing sounds great maybe I will have to try some since I eat way too many sweets. Hoping that Layne can get the spheres. Do you ever think because of summer vacations everything takes longer, esp answers to questions to drs?? Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!!
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    Great to hear Layne is doing well

    Thanks for the update. It is super to hear Layne is doing well. I have been thinking about starting juicing myself.

    It seems they are taking a long time to decide what to do next about the questionable biopsies. I hope you get a definitive answer soon.

    In the mean time we will keep praying for positive news.

    Best Regards,

    Paul Adams
    AKA "paul61"
    McCormick, South Carolina
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    Hi Betty and Layne,
    So happy

    Hi Betty and Layne,
    So happy to hear Layne is doing well. We love the juicing, although we aren't doing as much right now. It really helped during the chemo. Getting off all sugars and using Xylitol when necessary has helped Jim too. Glad to hear about the business too. We're keeping you, Layne AND your business in our prayers.
    Jim is doing well, enjoying our grandsons who are visiting our RV spot in Colorado.
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    Hey Betty and Layne
    Sorry I

    Hey Betty and Layne
    Sorry I missed you on fb chat. Thanks for the update. Great news all the way around! You are both such an inspriration! I am so happy that your business is doing well. Keep up the good work, and keep on juicing! God bless you both.