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My husband just found out that he has a 1cm, tumor on the vein in his left kidney.
apparently no where else.
Do you scan the rest of the body after this?

Do you remove the whole kidney? Do you do the laproscopy? or the big surgery in hopes of saving the kidney?

What are the survival chances? Chances of re occurrence?


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    From everything you stated you should have a good prognosis, but what do I know as a medically challanged 8 year survivor of a 2.7 cm. laproscopic nepheroctomy. Back then they removed the whole kidney, now I have read they are doing partial nepheroctomys. My doctor says I will die of something else. I have a C=T scan every year and the doctor says that I have a 2% chance of RCC in the other Kidney. May we exchance posts in 8 years when you are an 8 year survivor and I am a 75 year old, 16 year survivor?