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A combination of me having had to explain this passage to 'many' people and also a way to allow those interested to read part of 'The China Study' who haven't bought the book, I have copied a 12 page segment into my Blog Page which explains how cancer works and the effect of Animal protein (In this case Casein or Milk Protein) had on the cancers in the experiments done by Colin Campbell.

Please note the books a vast array of topics related to our diet, this was just what got him hooked and he then has devoted his lifes study to discover some stunning truths about nutrition and the relationship to the scourge of modern diseases we are now faced with.

It is dense reading but will only take about 10 minutes and I feel it is a very important read. In essence, it shows that if we exceed our necessary protein intake, which is around 10% or less of our diet, we actually increase our risk of initiation and feeding cancer.

This is particular to Animal Based proteins. An excess of plant based proteins did show a very minor increase in this phenomena, but the remarkable findings are related to casein in this case.

Most people consume a minimum of 16% or more of their daily diet and most is in the form of animal based proteins. Many people consume far greater than this.

Interesting to note the FDA on one of their websites states : "Protein: Current scientific evidence indicates that protein intake is not a public health concern for adults and children over 4 years of age."

<<<<<< To read the excerpt, just click on my name and go to the 'BLOG' tab. Please note unfortunately none of the Charts and diagrams could be copied over. The charts and graphs do make it much easier to understand the results and explanation of his findings. FYI This book can be downloaded from the net.

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    Great Book

    After reading the China Study, I too think it's a must read for anyone who frequents this site. Even if you don't do an exclusive no-animal fat diet, it will open some eyes to what we are doing to our bodies. The biggest thing I got from the book is that some of our conditions may be reversible, even if they are in an advanced state of c.

    I'm still on the PEG and using as many soy products as possible, but I haven't found any that come in ready to use packages (cans, bottles), so I do use a few animal products just to get by at work. But as soon as I'm eating decently I'm switching my diet completely.

    Another book I'd recommend is Anticancer by David Servan-Schrieber. He is a research scientist/doctor who came to similar conclusions as Dr. Campbell only he is a cancer survivor too.