Help/advice for level IIc following complete hysterectomy?

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This seems like a wonderful resource, and thank you all for sharing your stories.

My mother had a complete hysterectomy (including tubes, etc.) following a D&C that showed uterine cancer. Results came back showing an unrelated cancer in the fallopian tubes, level IIc. Though the tubes were removed, the doctor is starting a course of 6 chemo. treatments since this indicates that the cancer may have spread.

Any advice/stories from women who have been through the same situation? The doctor gave a clean bill of health right after the hysterectomy since he saw nothing further, but when the reports came back a week later he was surprised by the unrelated cancer in the tubes.


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    Keep on researching!
    You have found a great resource here. I would suggest reading some of the profiles of the gal's here. They have been through it & are living w/this disease. I'm very new here & don't have a lot of info at this point-I'm still doing lots of reading & research. Check out your library & also I'm doing some research at our local Border's store. It's also relaxing to look at some non-cancer books to get your mind off this very draining subject. We all need some relief from the assault of a cancer diagnosis. You & your Mom are are in my thoughts & prayers.