Pancreas Tumor and NHL?

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I have been diagnosed with Stage 3, Low Grade, NHL and have been going thru chemo. My cancer was caught when they discover two tumors thru a CT scan. It showed two tumors, one on top of my pancreas (5 x 5.6 x 4.8 cm) and a groin lymph node. They took out the groin tumor, and since it did not have pancreatic cells, they determined NHL.

They think they can shrink the pancreas tumor and my bone marrow test came out neg and my PET scan showed about 9 tumors, above and below my diaphram. So far, my chemo response has been almost unbearable (done 3 of 6) and my abdominal pain has not been reduced.

Any one here had or heard of anything like this? I am beginning to think they missed the diagnosis and I do have pancreatic cancer.

Please help!!!!!


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    Pancreas Tumor
    Hi LisaV40,
    I too was diagnosed in Jan 08 with node involvement of the upper and lower diaphram. I actual had so many involved nodes around my pancreas and liver extending down my intestines and spine that they didn't even count them, but recorded as two solid masses. I only had one node in the upper diaphram, epicardio node near my right lung. I never did a bone marrow or grading as mine was a very rare form of B & T cell, but was staged at a 3 and was aggressive lymphoma. At that time I was treated with Rituxan and went into remission within 3 months. However it did recur in June 09, all nodes very large and pressing on my stomach. I was than treated with RCHOP and reached remission after 2nd cycle. I remember how very painful my lower diaphram was and I could lay on my back and see the tumors grow each day around my Pancreas. I too was fearful that the doctors might have made a wrong diagnosis so I know what you must be going through.

    I have heard, don't know if it's true or not, that slower growing NHL does not respond as well to chemo as faster growing NHL. Have you had any response to your chemo? And what does your Onc say? You did not say what chemo treatment you were receiving, RCHOP or RCVP or a more agressive treatment.

    I'm sending you positive energy and hope things turn around for you. Let me know how you are doing.

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    Pancreas tumor and NHL
    Hi - very simliar situation to yours happened to me in late June, 2010. After one chemo of R-CVP for NHL, stage 4, B cell follicular cancer, I spent 9 days in our local hospital with severe, almost childbearing pain in my abdominal area where my largest tumors are located. The ER Dr. told my husband and I that I had Pancreatic cancer - said the CT scan showed a large mass at the head of my pancreas and he was sorry to be the bearer of such bad news. We cried for hours. The next morning, and 8 mornings after, my Oncologist assured us that was not the case - he compared 5 CT's I've had since last Nov. and said it was close to, but doesn't involve that area. Now I'm wondering since they never found out where the pain was coming from but hit me with 60 mg. of Morphine that removed the pain, what and where is it? Have you ever had a pancreatic biopsy? A Gastro Dr. they brought in (my primary did) suggested I should be flown to Orlando, FL for that to be done, but I chose not to on the recommendation of my Oncologist not to. Confusing -