Mmmmm Creamy Raspberry

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Well, I am sitting here getting my creamy raspberry barium sulfate suspension down for my CT of liver and abdomen tomorrow morning. Hoping the spots on my liver have not multiplied or grown in the last 6 months since last scan. I always pick my report up the next day, my doctor appt. is not till the 16th. Wish me luck! Oh yea, I am drinking a new brand, it is called Cheetah, not as thick and gross as the stuff I used to get, but still not great.


  • AnneCan
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    Best of luck with your scan
    Best of luck with your scan Pam!
  • lesvanb
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    I'll be thining of you tomorrow
    and waiting for those good results with you. mmm creamy raspberry; can hardly wait :-)

    all the best, Leslie
  • msccolon
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    good luck!
    I like the orange cream stuff! :)