PET question

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So I was dx'd with stage II Rectal Cancer in late 2006. Went through treatment, surgery, all the good stuff that comes with this brand of fun. and frankly, having a great time with life.

Every year since though, I've had a PET scan, primarily due to my age (41). This year, my Onc tells me that it's too high of a risk to continue having them. New reports of PETs causing cancer vs the analysis they provide.

What are your thoughts on this? I have very mixed feelings. It's become my security blanket and I'm considering pushing the topic.


  • lesvanb
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    If your doctor
    thinks it's OK to forego the PETs, that's great news. If you're in doubt you could get a second opinion becasue I can relate to wanting to know. I do tell myself though that the PET checks are just a moment in time and that doing as much as I can to live as well, as healthfully, as strongly and lovingly as I can, is my long term best bet regardless of results of PET scans. I'm hoping to stop getting PETs at the 2 year mark out for me, which will be in Oxt. The radioactive glucose really creeps me out.

    all the best, Leslie